Milan 2013: Digitized Grain by Hironori Yoshida

Digitized Grain showcased a material-oriented design/production process.

Shown at Ventura Lambrate during the Salone del Mobile, ’s Digitized Grain installation showcased his material-oriented design/production process called . The method integrates digital scanning, computer-aided design and digital fabrication into one process.

‘The process is a modern translation of how craftsmen read characteristics of natural materials. Thanks to the recent [availability of] inexpensive sensing devices and the exponential rise of computing power, finally tools are able to adapt their machining processes to the heterogeneous nature of materials,’ says Yoshida.

During the exhibition, 16 planks were erected to emulate and artificial forest and demonstrate applications in interior spaces. Digitized Grain was originally conceived as a research project based on the gradual transition of one material to another. The result is what Yoshida calls a ‘hybridization of materials’: wood and polyester resin. For the automated production process, the wood grain is digitally scanned and translated into a motion paths for an industrial robot arm.

ScanToProduciton was initiated as a PhD research at CAAD, ETH in Zurich by Hironori. Giacomo Cantoni and Pietro Pagliaro – both have worked as architects at – later joined to work on the exhibition project for Milan.


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