March Studio channels post-war suburbia

MELBOURNE – With a string of restaurants across the city, Jimmy Grants is one of Melbourne's most popular Greek souvlaki joints. In the past, the likes of Technē Architecture paved Jimmy's foodsteps with fit-outs focused on a theme unique to each outpost. The latest edition sees March Studio conjure the quintessential Australian post-war suburban brick house – a homage to Jimmy’s private life.

Incorporating recycled cream brick and vintage wallpaper, the interiors evoke home-building techniques from 'back in the day', says March Studio’s Rodney Eggleston. 'We took artist Howard Arkley’s airbrushed suburban houses as a model.' As part of their research, Eggleston and team made a photography tour of Melbourne’s Sunshine suburb, capturing 'brick arches and the raw-iron language of curved front fences and signs. We wanted to tap into some of those lost and forgotten art forms and trades.'

March's translation includes sweeping arches, brass fittings, rounded joinery and cheeky decor. The designers deliberately made the large site feel smaller and more intimate, an atmosphere that's accentuated by generous lighting that glistens off mirrors to bathe the space in a warm glow. As Eggleston says: 'The look and feel really points to that idea of home.'



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