Mar by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir

The restaurant is located in the old harbour area of Reykjavik.

Mar is a restaurant in the old harbour area of Reykjavik that has been designed by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir, of studio , to have an interior with a distinct maritime flavour.

The restaurant is the latest addition to the blooming harbour area and inspiration for the interior design came from its name, which is a Latin word for 'the sea'.

The choice of materials is also an ode to the old harbour, with lights that look like buoys used in the decoration, entwined in colourful ropes that may once have been used to hawl a catch of fish.

The black-treated wood panels on the walls are reminiscent of the old Icelandic harbour houses and other materials come from, or reflect, the harbour location. Additionally, a variety of marine animals are located throughout the spaces in different guises.

The designers paid good attention to detail in decorative items teaming up with local creatives. Ceramic designer custom-made tableware inspired by the sea bird skarfur (sea raven), and graphic designer created a mural that depicts some of the marine mammals native to the area, as well as the landscape and one of the many boats in the harbour.

Images courtesy of the designer.

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