M Studio distorts suburban utopia with a neon-pink carwash

MELBOURNE – Melbourne based M Studio constructs a surreal neon-pink marvel for the 2016 Architecture Commission at the NGV International. The event is an opportunity for architects to consider innovative ways and means to breathe life into the city’s civic spaces. The firm explores its interest in Melbourne’s suburban lifestyle with the project – which is called Haven’t you always wanted…? and runs until April 2017 – while simultaneously displaying a passion for facilitating community engagement with design. 

The neon-pink slice of suburbia juxtaposes the familiar and the unknown. Although the 20-m-long structure is reminiscent of an existing carwash in Blackburn, its hyper colour and futuristic nature portray a warped view of such residential communities, prompting visitors to question the design of the urban fringe, where carwashes, petrol stations and retail outlets often form the basis of town centres.

The playful and bold installation comprises a lightweight steel body with walls made of layered netting – the type used in cricket grounds. As a result of the porous fabric, a glistening shimmer bounces of the facade in numerous directions. Eye-catching pink continues throughout five lanes of bright Astroturf with the addition of road markings. To add authenticity to the carwash experience, the installation is complete with rubberised waves and a fog machine.

Haven’t you always wanted…? by M Studio is on display in the NGV Garden at NGV International until April 2017.

Photos M Studio

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