Lumina’s Dot is a floating disc of light

OBJECTS – With Dot, Lumina has created a minimalist pendant lamp that looks like a floating disc of light – all thanks to an innovative approach towards lens technology and temperature transfer.

The deceptively simple form is the result of pushing the boundaries of existing technology. Dot consists of two parallel discs connected by a metal stem. The smaller disc is made of machined aluminium and contains a ring of LEDs that bounce the light off the larger spun-metal reflector disc. Given the heat produced by the LED lamps, it would normally need to accommodate a bulky heat sink. To preserve its minimal form, Dot instead uses an innovative tube to connect the two discs. This heat pipe transfers the heat from the light into the heat sink in the reflector.

Two separate lenses cover the LEDs – a ring shaped lens that focuses the light accurately onto the entire reflector, and a holographic filter lens. This gives uniform illumination, avoiding shadows from the stem, and creating the illusion of a floating disk.

The reflector has a super-matte white finish and is available in diameters of in 60 cm, 80 cm or in 110 cm, as well as in larger custom sizes. Suitable for use as a single pendant or chandelier cluster, Dot comes in a range of different finishes: anodised Black, Red, Brass and Blue .

‘It took us several months to optimize the Dot optical flow and the thermodynamic system,’ says Lumina CEO, Ettore Cimini. ‘Thanks to a custom-made LED circuit, a specially designed lens and heat pipe, DOT generates a lot of light, with a very thin LED engine.’

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