Living Matter(s) by Transnatural

Sammy Jobbins Wells’s Skin project exists out of algorithmic generated wearable structures that are covered with materials made from bacterial cellulose.

Working at the intersection of art and technology, design and scientific innovation, Amsterdam-based art, research and design organization represents and exhibits the work of innovative makers, thinkers and researchers who are changing our perception of the artificial and the natural. Do we need to reconsider our entire view on what natural means?

Opening at the end of the month, Living Matter(s) will be the first in a series of three exhibitions investigating the potential meanings of new forms, from manipulated life to bio-digital creatures, materials and tissues. The show will focus on synthetic fabricated bio materials as well as materials with a similar outcome.

Travelling from Amsterdam to Milan and Copenhagen, the projects presented are in a constant state of flux, moving, transforming and growing along with the exhibition.

Living Matter(s) will run from 28 November until 27 March at the Transnatural Workspace in Amsterdam.

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