Linehouse’s curved façade sweeps customers into the All Sh store

Shanghai – In 2015 Linehouse used mirrors and reflection to bounce everyday moments from the surrounding context into the first All Sh store. This time, the Shanghai-based architecture studio responded to the urban context of the second All Sh location with a perforated, stainless-steel façade, framing everyday moments through its punctures and blurring the lines between the public street and the store’s interior.

The punctures of various sizes and patterns create a distinct, graphical identity throughout the store while allowing visitors and passersby to peek inside. Shifting between the inside and outside, the holes create retail-display frames which either face out onto the street or into the store.

Visitors are swept into the 20-sq-m All Sh store through a curve in the metal structure, where the façade’s perforated panels wrap around the shop and act as a retail system for the interior. While the simple palette, inspired by the hues of the streetscape, dissolves the layers between private and public, tube lights inserted between the metal panels manifest the store’s presence and create a playful disco-like effect during nighttime hours.  

Location Xingfu Road, Shanghai

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