Lava Design pours vibrancy and colour into Beijing Design Week 2016

BEIJING – Lava Design’s signature project for Beijing Design Week 2016 incorporates a multitude of colour. The agency simultaneously reinvented the visual language and signage for Baitasi Remade. Colour was used as a navigation tool to direct visitors around the Baitasi area. This event – being held during BJDW for the second year – is a programme of urban renewal tasked to integrate communal engagement, and architectural and infrastructural upgrading.

Lava’s approach to navigation is seen in the multi-coloured flags and banners decorating the small scale neighbourhoods of the city for Baitasi Remade. The project’s wayfinding systems have been created as part of a special community-outreach project in the area.

The aim of the Baitasi Remade project focuses on the redevelopment of the historic hutong district in order to redefine ‘the future of design education and sharing culture’. Depending on its success, it is thought that this project could be used as a blueprint for similarly challenged social and built environments both within and outside of China. 

runs until 7 October 2016.

Read more about Beijing Design Week 2016 on St-Wweb.  

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