Koutalaki Ski Village Design

The buildings arc around a central piazza at the heart of the resort.

LEVI – The latest in a slew of new project designs from BIG is plan to transform a ski resort in Levi, Finland.

The existing resort will be renovated into a world class destination with new accommodations and services for skiers of all levels. The design will include a series of buildings that will radiate from a central square, undulating to reflect the geography of the land.

‘Grown from the natural topography rather than dropped from the sky, the architecture extends the organic forms of natural landscape creating an inhabitable and skiable manmade mountain,’ explains architect Bjarke Ingels of BIG.

Guests will be able to take elevators to the buildings’ roofs, where a restaurant will offer 360-degree views of the land. One at the top, skiers can even hop on gentle slopes to ski down to the plaza.

Levi is about 20km from the Kittilä airport.

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