Kids Museum of Glass by Coordination Asia

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A museum of glass sounds like every child’s dream – bring a football and don’t mind the windows – but the goal of China’s first design experience for children is creation, not destruction. Tilman Thürmer, founder of Coordination Asia, has realized a multifaceted site where children can try their hands at every part of the artistic spectrum, including design, performance, music and film. There’s even a dedicated party space that puts the cherry on the creative cake. Each area of the ‘glass city’ in Shanghai’s G+ Park is differentiated by a theme (and colour scheme) related to one aspect of the urban environment: examples are The Factory and The Circus. The street-inspired decor runs to the liberal use of plywood and sterling board (OSB) throughout the building, while glass radiates every shade of the rainbow, from neon yellow to black. Much like the material the museum puts on a pedestal, the design is distinctly edgy but, fortunately, considerably more tactile.

Photos courtesy of Tilman Thürmer

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Colour is something of a design enigma. Few know exactly how to apply it; many don't dare to try. For some it comes 'naturally' so it's only 'natural' that nature is the go-to source for inspiration. As materials innovation-and-technology specialist Natsai Audrey Chieza says: 'We've always borrowed from nature to dye and colour material artefacts, and that will not change.' What already is changing is the way we borrow from nature.

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