Jsg Apartment Building

Façade walls blend into the roof for a uniform appearance.

VIENNA – In the heart of Vienna, an eco-friendly, space-savvy apartment building is a modern interpretation of a classic Austrian residence.

‘The key concept was to reference the building’s architecture to the surrounding mansions’ predominant design elements and reinterpret them in a contemporary way,’ say architects Andreas and Gerda Maria Gerner. ‘The result is an architecture that’s in tune with its surroundings.’

To mimic neighbouring homes, the structure has a classic ‘saddle roof’ typology, with an exterior façade that blends into the roof. White window frames and geometric forms jut from the main walls.

Inside are six apartment units, the configuration of which can be read from the exterior by the façade design of jutties and colours.

Photos courtesy of gerner°gerner plus & Matthias Raiger

Jsg - Residential Building Jagdschlossgasse
Jagdschlossgasse 18
1130 Vienna

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