Jim Rokos curates design exhibition to dissolve dyslexia's stigma

LONDON – Kicking off its sixth year with a venue dressed to impress by Satellite Architects, designjunction will host the first edition of Dyslexic Design, an exhibition which showcases the work of designers with dyslexia.

Jim Rokos curates ten creatives with dyslexia for designjunction's upcoming Dyslexic Design exhibition.

Industrial designer Jim Rokos conceived an exhibition which supports the efforts of the British Dyslexia Association. The organisation advocates for the UK's population living with the condition, which currently stands at 10 per cent. Rokos curates the work of ten creators from an array of industries to showcase the strengths which materialise with a dyslexic lens.

Rohan Chhabra brings awareness to species on the brink of extinction with Embodying ethics: Endangered, a collection of hunting jackets which take on animalistic forms.

Ranging from fashion to product design and fine art to illustration, the collection demonstrates the imaginative thinking resulting from the condition. Rokos reveals: 'It is my belief that I am able to design the way I do, because of my dyslexia and not despite it. I also firmly believe that other dyslexic designers have idiosyncratic styles because of their dyslexia.'

British industrial designer Sebastian Bergne's Egg Decanter.

Amid the flurry of festivities to be soon taking place at designjunction’s new home, the exhibition will raise awareness for dyslexia with proceeds from each designjunction ticket going to the British Dyslexia Association. for a ticket to designjunction and support the initiative today.

Tom Raffield produces steam-bent wooden furniture.

A glass shade reveals the Monkey-Fist knot in Vitamin's Knot Lamp.

Artist Tina Crawford embroiders imagery with a sewing machine.

Detailed imagery by award-winning illustrator Kristjana S Williams mediates graphic design and embroidery.

Dyslexic Design runs from Thursday 22 September through Sunday 25 September at 1 Granary Square in King’s Cross. .

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