Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters

A 1m thick metal ribbon frames the structure.

BUDAPEST – Mimicking the shape of a letter ‘a,’ the Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters serves two primary purposes in Budapest.

In addition to housing the offices of the Autoklub, the structure is an orientation point for drivers arriving in the city’s Ujpest district, near the Danube bridge.

The seven-storey building is wrapped with a metal ribbon that frames its shape. In most places it’s 1m thick, though it changes in width as it articulates various aspects. Spanning 3430-sq-m, the building is topped with a roof terrace and meeting room. 

Architects András Vikár and István Lukács say they used geothermal energy systems that house service functions on the ground floor, freeing the rooftop from technical devices.

Photos courtesy of Tamás Bujnovszky, Civertan, Szandra Váraljai, Gábor F. Tóth

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