House Dress

The addiction seems like a mobile object, freely slipping on the slanted ground.

KLAGENFURT – A slanted, pixilated, geometric cube is a sloping addition to a residence in Klagenfurt, Austria.

The new translucent addition is intended to be a ‘dress’ for the house, shining in contrast with the dark skin of the preexisting building. Inspired by the image of a cloudy sky, Vienna-based architects heri&salli created a unique façade that shakes the volumetric regularity of the new unit.

‘Our objective was to create a homogenous appearance to reinforce and underline the presence of the existing cube,’ says Heribert Wolfmayr of heri&salli. ‘At the same time we wanted to conserve functions like the view to the outside through the façade.’

Using a series of squared aluminium sheets, the architects were able to create a unique texture characterized by perforations of different sizes. These perforations modify the intensity of light inside the building, creating a subtle exchange of colors, shadows and reflections between the exterior membrane and interior spaces.

Photos courtesy of Rainer Wührer

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