Home 09 by i29

A room divider-cum-fireplace utilizes pine: i29's material of choice in the villa.

In a similar vein to a previous project, favoured one material for the interior of a -designed villa close to Bloemendaal in the .

The house is designed to give the residents the impression that the villa and the environment are one. Large windows afford framed views of the nature beyond while optimizing the available sunlight, and natural materials are prevalent in the interior.

For a consistent connection between different areas in the home, i29 devised a scheme based on wood panels. Cabinets, wardrobes, walls, sliding doors, beds and even a fireplace are all made of pine – a basic material that's rarely celebrated in its raw state. Here, it’s promoted to the next level thanks to i29’s attention to detail.

The Dutch designers came on board just before the project was set to be built. Despite a lack of involvement in the planning, i29 worked to integrate its design in the architecture. Jeroen Dellensen and Jaspar Jansen say they always try to make an interior that compliments the architecture yet still has its own character.

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