Health Faculty San Jorge University by Taller Básico de Arquitectura

Three concave lines constitute the new Health Faculty of San Jorge University.

ZARAGOZA – Large white scales make up the peripheral façades of the three concave structures that constitute the new Health Faculty of San Jorge University in the outskirts of Zaragoza, Spain. The building is part of a rural campus whose contemporary architecture sits in harmony with the surrounding nature, strengthening the visual distinction of the site.

Spanish studio Taller Básico de Arquitectura developed the architecture ‘as part of a new nature’ so that the faculty isn’t just another building, but part of a new place. The three concave structures enclose a central square, or ‘a big room open to the sky’, as the architects call it. All access corridors in the three constructions face the square. This way, by making the open square the most interior ‘room’, the design inverts the relation between inside and outside.

Classrooms and laboratories for teaching and research constitute the majority of the three structures, while its most public rooms – the cafeteria, a conference room and multipurpose rooms – were placed in the creases of each building. The scaly configuration of the outer façades allows the rooms to be flooded by indirect natural light.

The composition of interior spaces allows for straightforward future academic reorganisations.

Photos courtesy of José Manuel Cutillas

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