HALFLIFE Installation by Speirs+Major

The HALFLIFE installation by Speirs+Major immerses commuters in colourful illumination.

Pedestrians using the commuter hub of King's Cross tunnel in London are currently experiencing a more colourful journey than usual. Since early March, the HALFLIFE installation by has emanated an exponential chromatic glow.

Beginning with desaturated hues (white), HALFLIFE – over the course of the installation – is revealing its 92,160 colours, which radiate in an anti-clockwise around the colour wheel. Gradually deepening in saturation, commuters are immersed in dynamic illumination. Comments Keith Bradshaw, principal at Speirs+Major, 'No two moments in the tunnel will be experienced the same. Each visitor will have their own perception of time and distance, immersed in light, dark and colour.'

Within the tunnel's 90-m-glazed wall are concealed 180 light sources that combine to create a rich palette of animated colour. Through the intricate programming, sequences have been developed, from which the narrative of the piece grows organically. This site-specific work is based upon a construct of digital, ordered cycles building from light to dark and beginning with bold, dramatic steps gradually becoming calmer until they dissolve, before the sequence resets itself to reveal an altogether new cycle.

The HALFLIFE installation can be experienced now in the pedestrian passageway under 1 Pancras Square, King's Cross in London.

Photos courtesy of the designer.


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