Grow Your Own at Science Gallery Dublin

The Great Work of the Metal Lover by Adam W. Brown.

An experimental exhibition at Dublin’s Science Gallery brings together artists, scientists and designers to investigate an emerging approach to genetic engineering known as ‘synthetic biology’.

Featuring 21 exhibits, the exhibition invites visitors to consider the implications of synthetic life in the future. Stranger Visions by American artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg is a series of 3D printed heads based on the DNA extracted from the cigarette butts of Dublin’s smokers. Dewey-Hagborg uses the process of forensic DNA phenotyping (a method of determining appearance from DNA) to highlight how much can be determined about a person by traces they unwittingly leave behind.

A panel of experts from various backgrounds curated Grow Your Own, including artist and designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Anthony Dunne (Royal College of Art), Paul Freemont (Imperial College) and Cathal Garvey (bio-hacker).

Check out our previous article about Xylinum Cones by  and  which also features in the exhibition.

Grow Your Own… Life After Nature runs until January 19th 2014 at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.


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