God's Loft by LKSVDD Architects

A former church was adapted into a minimalist, sun-lit, quirky loft space for a couple.

Who knew living in a church could be this much fun?

have turned a church in the Dutch town of Haarlo into a minimalist, colourful loft – with plenty of tongue-in-cheek touches.

The home was designed around the restoration of the church itself, built in 1929, and retains the traditional façade. Inside, the architects stuck to the motto ‘strip, isolate, furnish.’

The result is a minimalist, open space with only small structural changes – a mezzanine for bed and bath, and a red ‘staircase to have fun,’ that doubles as a kitchen, closet, and playground.

Other touches include a swing in the home office, the ‘gate of heaven’ – a wall decorated with angels – and a red tiled washroom with a ‘holy shit’ motif. The modern garden, despite its stately view, includes a flock of wooden ‘lost sheep,’ birdhouses, and a garden shed made from a shipping container equipped with a green roof.

The designers say the cheap, cheerful – and holy – style represents the motto of the owners:  ‘Cherish your inner child, remain pure, playing, exploring, and a little bit naughty.’

Photos courtesy LKSVDD Architects.

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