GMP Architects

Each pavilion will rise 45m tall; while their interior programs will vary the exterior will appear unified.

CHANGZHOU – Hamburg-based architectural firm GMP (von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) have won first prize in a competition to build a new Culture Centre in Changzhou, China.

The structure will be divided into six modules that will join together with cantilevered bridge-like arches. Each module will rise 45m high, and while their interior functions will vary they will all look uniform and connected from the exterior.

Set to include a library, art museum (on the eastern side) and science and technology museum (on the western side), the centre will span 365,000-sq-m. Inspired by Chinese culture and the element of water, the architects opted to cover the façade with staggered slate grey panels and reflective glass.

Below the building, in a 256,000-sq-m basement, will be a car park and retail spaces. On the roof, spread over the six pavilions, will be a cultural space for people to congregate.

Other competitors in the design race included KSP – Jürgen Engel Architects and Arata Isozaki & Associates.

Renderings courtesy of Crystal Digital Technology

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