Givenchy Store by Piuarch

Italian firm Piuarch was enlisted to design Givenchy's Seoul flagship.

Exporting Milan’s fashion culture to Asia, Italian firm conceived a flagship store that lets Givenchy burst onto Seoul’s high-end shopping scene with dramatic flair. Working closely with Riccardo Tisci, artistic director of the French fashion house, Piuarch announces Givenchy’s arrival with a T-Cut – the brand’s signature tailoring technique – that pierces the sculptural curtain wall to reveal a golden core. Further activating the façade are undulating mirrored steel panels that reflect the dynamic cityscape and natural light.

The boutique displays clothes and accessories within a series of partially enclosed zones clad in various types of marble, including white Calacatta and black Sahara Noir. Oak herringbone parquet used throughout the 400-m2 interior softens the prevalent stone surfaces and unifies the three levels of the store.

Photos Kyungsub Shin

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