Visitors get a glimpse of infinity in the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

VENICE – For Brigitte Kowanz, light is a language, a code. In her installation Infinity and Beyond, the artist mobilizes neon lights, mirrors, writing and reflective metals to create infinite virtual spaces. Together, these illuminated openings encourage the public to meditate on data space.


Kowanz’s light installation offers a commentary on the relationship between physical material space and immaterial virtual space, as well as the dynamicity that characterizes it. Through a sensory experience, Infinity and Beyond presents the Internet as a key mediator of this dialogue between the material and the virtual, one which provides an opening towards infinity through the global data spaces it forms.



Erwin Wurm reflects on media-centred spatial experience as well, albeit in a more dystopian fashion, as communicated by his upturned truck sculpture. In his Performative One Minute Sculptures, which feature motor vehicles, technology remains nonetheless portrayed as a productive force.


Wurm's Stand quiet and look out over the Mediterranean Sea

With Stand quiet and look out over the Mediterranean Sea, Wurm explores the shift from a body-based spatial experience to a predominantly machine-based one. This is done through a sensory experience that involves the body, a machine and media: visitors get to climb the vertically-positioned truck like it is a tower, and can take a selfie once they get to the top.

Just about Virtues and Vices in General

Wurm uses motor vehicles to comment on the restriction of space, which he believes only applies to the body – messages can travel without the latter thanks to media technology and information space is thus infinite. Nonetheless, infinity can still characterize physical space: it underlies to a certain extent the concept of dwelling, of being on the road, which takes centre stage in Wurm’s caravan installation Just about Virtues and Vices in General.



These artworks will be on show in the Austrian Pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale until 26 November 2017.

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