Georgia Rest Stops

A rest stop in Gori, about 85km from Tbilisi.

GORI AND LOCHINI – Across Georgia, 20 rest stops are being realized by J. Mayer H. – the man responsible for revamping the entire country’s architectural program. 

So far, two rest stops have been completed in Gori and Lochini. Both have a similar aesthetic, comprised of thick concrete blocks that extend in various directions, resembling a sort of distorted geometric puzzle piece. Interspersed amongst the concrete are large windows, allowing natural daylight to enter.

The structures hold a grocery store, farmers’ market, cultural space for local events, plus an exterior gas station.

The project was commissioned in 2009 by the Roads Department of Georgia, which sought to create a new highway system marked by unique rest stops. The roadway will run through Georgia to connect the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey

Photos courtesy of Jesko M. Johnsson-Zahn

*For an exclusive report on J. Mayer H.’s extensive work in Georgia (and other projects from the country's architectural boom), check out Mark #37.*

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