At St-W Lab, Wilkhahn untethers users from their workspace

Amsterdam – A pioneer in office furniture manufacturing, Wilkhahn breaks new ground with seating elements that aim to untether people from their desk. Alongside other innovative exhibits at on 21-22 February, Wilkhahn’s designs are concerned with both improving wellness in the workspace and offering tailor-made, personalized products.

A duo of one-legged stools developed in collaboration with designer Thorsten Franck encourage users to move around, promoting a healthy and productive office environment. Approaching the seriousness of working life with a casual, fun mentality, Stand Up is designed to tilt in every direction without tipping over, thanks to its anti-slip, black plastic base, while a detachable strap makes it easy to transport. 

In a limited edition of 500, PrintStool One follows the form of Stand Up, but employs biodegradable 3D-printing to achieve unique patterns on its body surface. Customers are invited to participate in the production process with input on the structure, shape, colour and size of the stool, personalizing their purchase and taking on the role of co-designer. For the 3d-printing, Wilkhahn uses lignin – a natural polymer found in plants that turns cell walls into wood – ensuring a sustainable and resistant outcome.

In the quest to make office spaces more motion-driven, the brand’s In Chair employs Trimension©, a patented technology that offers three-dimensional flexibility to its user. With a slight shift in weight, the chair follows the body like a second skin, allowing rotational as well as forward and backwards movements.

Test out Wilkhahn’s seating furniture for yourself and explore more designs that address the future of interior and spatial design at St-W Lab on 21 - 22 February. Get your tickets .


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