At St-W Lab, Uwe Brückner advocates autonomy in digitally enhanced space

Amsterdam – ‘I deeply believe that we need these kind of physical platforms as a scaling counter-weight to the ephemeral digital world’ says Uwe Brückner of – a two-day convention of designers, technologists, and architects to share their latest creations and ideologies on 21 and 22 February.

Having completed over 100 interactive environments heeding the adage ‘form follows content,’ the Atelier Brückner founder contemplates his vast experience in the compelling talk, Hybrid Space: Does the Digital Kill the Real? His dexterity in working across disciplines to deliver meaningful spaces that merge information with architecture makes him particularly adept to speak on the topic, taking place on the latter day of St-W Lab, 22 February.

Brückner will explore the modern ways in which people access, process, and respond to information and reflect on how this translates to physical space, as greater emphasis is continually placed on technology.

‘I deeply believe in hybrids, in the physical digital, the digitally supported or enhanced real. Our "Hyundai Motorstudio" in Goyang, South Korea (2017) might be an attractive example: it attracts visitors physically by media-supported interactive installations that demonstrate the effort of making products more comfortable and safer.’

His key to improving wellbeing with good design lies in asking a few critical questions that emphasize autonomy over automation.

‘We should respect the users choice to decide where, when and how much information or service he or she would like to retrieve; instead of consumption I plead for reflection – “Do we need more? And why?”’

Come hear Uwe Brückner’s enthralling talk alongside other exhibitions showcasing everything from 3D-printing to human-limb-inspired furniture by getting a today.


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