At St-W Lab, Exozet brings a new dimension to creative collaboration

AMSTERDAM – Experience technology straight out of a science-fiction movie at St-W Lab, the design industry event of the year. now to the immersive blend of exhibitions, talks, panel discussions and workshops by industry leaders on 21 - 22 February.

Amidst the innovative designs on show at St-W Lab is the VR Design Multi Tool by Exozet. The German digital agency has been guiding the digital transformation of companies such as Audi, BBC and Red Bull since 1996, and now presents the technology with far-reaching implications for designers: opening up an entirely new channel for communication and interaction with clients and each other.

As a technology, virtual reality is both exciting and practical, offering new possibilities in multiple stages of the design process as objects and environments can be accurately rendered before they are even created in real life. For instance, Stockholm-based studio Form Us With Love recently developed an exhibition design using virtual technology to map out the space in 3D.

‘The VR Design Multi Tool offers a completely realistic experience of space, size and material,’ says Exozet. However, it is the added dimension of user interaction and communication that makes the virtual reality platform interesting. ‘Voice transmission and positional tracking are used to provide an intuitive way of communication, and the combination of real-time lighting as well as shading create a photorealistic environment where users can interact naturally with the virtual objects,’ says Exozet.

Available for trial and testing throughout the two days of St-W Lab, CEO and founder Frank Zahn will also be presenting how the VR Design Multi Tool can be used to create the perfect user experience in a workshop together with VR specialist Thomas Bedenk. to attend the Exozet workshop on 22 February at 12:30 - 2:00 PM as well as talks and panel discussions.

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