Float around inside Studio Fuksas’ the Cloud

ROME – The Rome Convention Centre and hotel by Studio Fuksas, which opened to the public at the end of October 2016, now invites you to a 360-degrees experience of the interior. After 18 years of interruptions and escalating costs, the long-awaited design is already controversially famous for the amorphous form of ‘the Cloud’ – the seemingly floating, central white structure – which holds an 1800-seat auditorium within its steel shell. Its weight is supported by only three columns – a feat of engineering of which the architect is immensely proud. The sculptural form is caged in a clear, glazed envelope which shows off the 20,000 tonnes of steel used for the building’s skeletal structure.

Thanks to the wondrous age of modern technology, we can bring you 360-degree footage of the technically sophisticated venture which Fuksas describes as ‘underlining the juxtaposition between a free spatial articulation and a geometrically refined shape’.

Footage courtesy of Guglielmo Mattioli for

You can read a full critique of Rome’s new convention centre in Location

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