Five Days of St-W #117: with sportspitality, fitness enters the hotel room

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In our July/August issue The Fashion of Fitness, we discuss how more and more industries – including hospitality – are tapping into the wellness sector.

Poor sleep, heavy meals, insufficient exercise – travel, especially work-related, can be the enemy of a healthy lifestyle. Hence the hotel industry’s enthusiastic adoption of sportspitality – a fitness-oriented approach that goes far beyond the traditional dull hotel gym.

One recent example is the Hilton hotels’ introduction of the Five Feet to Fitness in-room wellness concept. A training station by Gym Rax and indoor stationary bike offer immediate access to exercise equipment, while fitness videos created in collaboration with Aktiv Solutions push travellers to stay fit while away from home.

Gym brands like London’s Bodyism have been a fixture in luxury hotels for a while now, but approaching the fitness phenomenon from the other side are some gyms that are cutting out the middleman and branching out into hotels themselves. The USA’s Equinox gym will open its first hotel in Manhattan in 2019. Not to be outdone, hotel chains are acting more like fitness studios - Westin for example has announced a concierge running programme, designed to map out the most scenic routes for travelling runners and joggers.

Yet others are bringing in the experts to explore other aspects of wellness. London’s Corinthian Hotel is hosting neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart to research and boost the mental resilience of frequent guests and hotel staff, while Six Senses is launching Sleep with Six Senses, a programme developed with sleep guru, psychologist and author Michael J Breus. The new initiative features specially tested beds and bedding, bamboo-fibre pyjamas and even a trained ‘sleep ambassador’ to help guests nod off.

to find out what other industries are embracing fitness.

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St-W 117

This issue explores the shifts in the fitness industry towards wellness as a branded experience and luxury commodity. We visit boutique fitness studios and sophisticated work-out facilities that combine exercise, hospitality and retail.

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