Felt Chair by Christian Juhl

Christian Juhl’s Felt Chair is a study and exploration into the use of textiles.

For his Felt Chair project, the young Danish designer Christian Juhl wanted to challenge the way we use fabrics today by using alternative methods of working with textiles in the furniture industry.

His felt chair is the result of a detailed investigation into the qualities and features of wool fibre, and its ability to shrink through steaming. Juhl experimented with the felt to find the characteristics of shaping the textile in both convex and concave directions. “For the project, I drew inspiration from a hatter’s work process with felt hats, and transformed this process to shape the felt over a simple chair frame.”

Juhl stretches the wet textile over an ash wood silhouette, and shapes the seat by adding molds to create a complex double-curvature form. Once the felt is dry and stiff, he is able to easily remove the molds, leaving the ‘shrunken’ felt wrapped like a shell over the wooden structure.

Visuals courtesy of Christian Juhl

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