Eyes on Talents x St-W with Boon's pop-up shop takes Paris at D'DAYS 2016

Luise by Matthias Scherzinger

PARIS – Pop-up store concept Once Upon a Tomorrow is a launch pad for award-winning designers, guaranteeing full financial return on their designs.

On Colours by is a collection of glassblown objects formed with the designer's very own bespoke tool.

The result of an ongoing collaboration between digital platform  and magazine, Once Upon a Tomorrow is a pop-up store with plans to act as a true platform for emerging designers. Under the influence of 's creative cues, Eyes on Talents x St-W will take over and transform a 700-sq-m space into a hub, all with the hubbub of designers during .

With the development of a co-curated exhibition and pop-up store, visitors can finally get their mitts on one-off objects crafted by the award-winning creatives spotted by Eyes on Talents. The best part? Designers financially benefit from their creative property, to the tune of 100 per cent, fuelling the deign cycle for more rounds.

Universal Everything specialises in video art as demonstrated in the psychedelic swirls of Presence.

The moving imagery of Universal Everything will complement the festival's theme r/evolution and motto 'design does not impose, it proposes'. The brainchild behind the boundless Infinity Room, the British studio's work is characterised as a fusion of digital art and design, and will showcase its latest videos.

Pierre Charrié crafts Surfaces Sonores with curved sheets of Maple plywood for a fresh speaker typology.

A visual treat, ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne's graphic design exhibition will present exclusively in Paris before taking off to Asia. Debuting on 30 May, the store will be located at in Paris and remain open for the duration of the festival.

Seven hues of merino wool yarn is CNC-tufted to form Rug by Dutch designer Tijmen Smeulders.

D'DAYS 2016 runs from 30 May through 5 June 2016 at a host of venues throughout Paris. Check the festival's  and be in the know on where to go.

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