Event is Now by Anna Lomax

Exclusively made for the St-W store, large-scale installations in architectural forms rest upon tactile carpet bases.

Art director and set designer  brought a jolt of electricity from London to Amsterdam's canal district, installing neon lights and artworks within the blank canvas of the St-W store. Until 22 February, visitors could literally peek through the St-W store window into the playful, 90s-inspired world of Anna Lomax.

Visitors were welcomed to Lomax's St-W store take over with an eclectic assortment of geometric shapes and neon lights attached to a 2 metre tall purple-tinted sculpture. Lomax's neon green orange, pink and yellow 'Gold Teeth' prints added a pop of colour to the black-and-white panels of i29's optical installation. A hearty English breakfast of two eggs, bacon, sausage and beans are served as Fry Up, a delicious wall-mounted neon light. Alongside a treasure-trove of £1 sovereign pendents and rings, the 3D printed, mind-bending Archicolumn – featured on the cover of St-W 102 Jan/Feb 2015 – made its real-life debut.

In the period room, large-scale installations in architectural forms rest upon tactile carpet bases and are punctuated with accents of neon lights. In the foreground, a bright white neon light is encased by a low-lying rectangular box with a Venetian blind-style enclosure. A sheet of metal mesh is bent to form a three dimensional sculpture. Illuminated neon attachments in vibrant colours and geometric shapes and visual interest to the clean semicurcular form. A pink neon tube formed into a pure arch added vertical scale to the installation.

Photos Mees van den Ekart

Experience Tulip Mania, the St-W store's latest take over by designer and St-W 103 cover artist until 29 March 2015.

St-W store
Open Tuesday through Sunday

11.00 until 18.00 / free entrance
+31 (0)20 764 0990


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