Eternit assigns architectural form to communicate energy-efficient building skins

MUNICH – In advance of the next , which takes place next month, we share the story of Eternit’s stand by Astrid Bornheim from the 2015 event, as detailed in our book .

Eternit is a leading German producer of fibre cement building materials for roofing and facades. At Bau – the international trade fair for architecture, materials and systems – the brand sought a sustainable and reusable stand that clearly communicated its position as a leading producer of energy-efficient building skins. This task was entrusted to architect Astrid Bornheim who deconstructed the archetypal house to present the firm’s products in an unexpected way.

The stand is composed of exposed frames lined in a staggered arrangement to form a long, shed-like building, which intersects with a second large shed in parallel. The random spacings of frames created an irregular rhythm in the structure that makes a strong visual impact and enables varying possibilities to exhibit the products. In this way, materials and systems solutions could be integrated into different parts of the structure.

Approximately 100 products were on show ranging from individual exhibits to entire building shells made of fibre cement. An array of greys and white formed the basis colour palette with accents of red and green representing the company’s corporate colours. The architectonic furniture complemented the overall aesthetic of the stand. Regarding construction, great effort was taken to minimise material use and maximise recycling and reduce waste.

Only reusable materials were used including wood, glass and fibre cement. The stand can be adapted to different contexts for upcoming presentations through altering the composition of the frame sequences and spaces. Furthermore, the structure was designed to be easily assembled, disassembled and transported, further fulfilling the client’s ambitions.

Photos David Franck


This project features in , available here: . We are now working on the next edition. If you have designed an eye-catching trade fair stand recently, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch:

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