Entfaltung by Jule Waibel

'Collapsible structures reflect how our world is constantly changing', says Waibel.

The graduation project of from the , London playfully touches on the contemporary themes of portability and nomadism in design.

Entfaltung – a German word meaning to unfold, expand or develop – is a collection of geometric, three-dimensional garments and accessories created using folding techniques. These collapsible structures in pastel shades reflect body movement and the changing requirements of daily life.

In the collection, a dress changes shape according to body movement, a bag expands to become a dramatic arm piece and an umbrella gives the illusion of a more solid structure with pleats and folds. All the objects are created using Tyvek®, a lightweight water-proof and tear-proof synthetic paper.

Waibel’s Making Of film that accompanies the project, gives a candid insight into the work that goes into graduate projects. Filmed as a time lapse sequence in her studio, the film indicates the long hours of trials and testing that students put into their final year.

Images courtesy of Jule Waibel

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