Emmanuelle Moureaux colours future years for museum anniversary

TOKYO – French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux commemorates the National Art Center’s tenth anniversary with the Forest of Numbers, an installation that visualizes the next ten years to come.

Composed of over 60,000 brightly coloured paper numerals suspended with string in a regular grid, Forest of Numbers may be low-tech compared to some installations we’ve featured in the past but is no less stunning for that.

The installation required the help of 300 volunteers and is constructed from ten layers – each layer represents a year from 2017 to 2026, and is composed of the four digits of that year randomly positioned throughout the layer. As part of Moureaux’s 100 Colors series, Forest of Numbers is visualized in 100 colours.

A path through the installation allows visitors to wander inside the forest and time-travel through the colours and layers. 

And there’s a little secret hidden within the forest: somewhere amongst the thousands of numerals are the figures of two girls and a cat, a playful little touch by Moureaux.

Watch the video below and enjoy a journey through the Forest of Numbers.

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