Even Dior Homme’s travel cases have travel cases

OBJECTS – Handcrafted from exotic leather, ’s Made to Order Exotique Collection couldn’t just be shipped around the world in cardboard boxes, or displayed on wire clothes hangers. Bonsoir Paris designed custom retail cases that would preserve and protect the collection, while teasing viewers with glimpses of the exclusive fashion accessories within.

Designed to be modular and mobile but beautiful enough to be displayed in an installation, the Exotic Capsules use light animation to express movement and vitality, bringing to life the experience of discovering the collection in a customer journey devised by Bonsoir Paris.

First, curiosity is piqued by a breath-like rhythmic light glowing from within the capsules. Cut-out windows in the display capsules attract attention with suggestive hints of the exotic leather jackets and accessories within.

Each step reveals a new detail of the material, pattern, colour, and craftsmanship of each product, leaving viewers wanting more.

‘The light animations respond to your interaction with the module,’ says Ben Sandler of Bonsoir Paris. ‘Each slider, door, and drawer is outfitted with sensors and LED strips; when in “sleep” mode, these strips waver in luminosity, but once activated, fully light up to reveal the product being displayed.’

At the heart of the installation, a two-step opening of the main capsule heightens the suspense. The Dior Homme products slide outwards towards you, and the main capsule transforms itself into a private dressing room once the jacket is removed. ‘The back LED panel within the capsule is activated once the pressure sensitive hanger is taken off, revealing a mirror,’ says Sandler.

The Exotic Capsules invite interaction, tempting viewers to discover Dior Homme’s beautiful collection: within the same cases used to transport the product between event and retail locations.

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