Design Miami: Day Four

Gijs Bakker’s Holes bracelet presented by Caroline van Hoek at Design Miami.

No doubt about it: the density of art and design related shows is unusually high at Miami Beach. At least at the beginning of December, when the art world gathers to show off under the bright sun and an incredibly blue sky. There are 19 art and design shows listed in the Art Basel VIP guide. And those are just the ‘official’ ones. There’s also the Miami Art Fair, Pulse, NADA Miami Beach, Design Miami and Scope, plus countless independent shows, pop-up galleries and other random attention-seeking events – many of them in the art district of Wynwood.

Apparently it is easier to sell a 2D work than a 3D work. That is common knowledge. But what is new? What is different? Maybe jewellery? It’s obvious that at Design Miami the number of jewellery-related galleries is rising. presented and Iris Eichenberger; dedicated her show to , showed 10 years of collaboration with artists that make jewellery and Didier Ltd focused on Modern Masters, historical pieces of jewellery.

With the expansion of the special Nova sector, Art Basel Miami Beach steps up its support for young galleries. Present were 34 galleries limited to showing work made in the last three years. The sector was the site of exhibitions by Swiss gallery , and Miami-based .

It seems that Miami is another city where the ‘satellite system’ of interdependent galleries, works. Art Basel is now a decade strong and gains ever more followers, supporters and attendees. You can doubt the general quality of each of the side events if you like, but you will always be able to find something for your senses, because the occasion is concerned with making immediate connections between things rather than looking at overarching themes. 

Photos Matylda Krzykowski.

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