CuldeSac puts the retail model in reverse and street style in its natural habitat

Valencia, Spain – Reinventing the brick-and-mortar business model, CuldeSac and Coolway Freestyle draw inspiration from the street food industry to bring their street-style apparel directly to the consumer. Leveraging the food truck concept, the Foot Truck reverses the traditional relationship between shop and shopper by presenting their products where their target demographic flocks in hoards: music festivals and cultural events.

The refreshing concept feels just as intuitive as a fried-food stand adjacent to night clubs and party venues. The sneaker brand takes up shop amidst the very setting where its products are most at home and can provide instant gratification, collaborating with local design studio CuldeSac to create a mobile store that communicates the brand aesthetic and integrates seamlessly into any summertime festival.

The design began with the most fundamental graphic representation of a brand: its logo. The Foot Truck is a spatial extension of the circle and square in the Coolway Freestyle logo, giving three-dimensional form to the brand identity. The square becomes a glass cube that displays the products, while the circle is turned into a cylinder that projects interactive lighting.

The use of light to define the truck’s retail niche within the larger outdoor context becomes particularly effective after dark, when coloured streaks of light lend to the overall festival ambiance. Debuting at the Festival Les Arts in Valencia, the store-on-wheels concept proved a successful alternative to static retail spaces, which are becoming almost ancillary to modern businesses amid a growing marketplace of digital retailers. A mobile shop that follows its fans is an intuitive approach to modern shopping, placing the product in its natural habitat and giving new meaning to the phrase ready-to-wear.

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