Cuboid House by Amit Khanna Design Associates

Cuboid House By Amit Khanna Design Associates appears to 'step' away as it rises.

NEW DELHI – Cuboid House was designed in direct contrast with the emerging archetypal architecture of New Delhi: developer-driven apartment blocks boasting tall façades of trendy materials interspersed with minute balconies and inoperable glass structures which completely disregard climatic forces.

The design, led by New Delhi-based Amit Khanna Design Associates, envisioned the affirmation of “elementary yet precise rules” through minimal architecture that stays in the second plan merely as a background for the life of the apartments’ future residents.

Amit Khanna’s strategy was to optimise the construction area (just under 1394-sq-m) by extending the basement floors to allow for a larger ground floor and maximise parking space. The upper floors, however, grow ever smaller, so 'the building steps away dramatically as it rises, giving way to a series of decks that open up to views on the north-east.' The building’s cubic volumes are accentuated by the use of two local stones, the grey cudappah and the sandy brown jaisalmer teak.

This approach, together with two light wells placed in the main living space, help bring light deep into the building. Cuboid House is also equipped with sustainable features, such as operable windows and large overhangs designed to temper Delhi's fierce climate.

Photos courtesy of Akshat Jain and Amit Khanna

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