The structure rises nearly 4m high and includes space for hangers, displays, lighting and stairs. Photo: Edmund Sumner.

A massive chalice-like display system fills a retail shop in Mumbai, India.

Considering the store’s small size (88-sq-m) and the program requirements for the clothing and lifestyle brand, architects needed to approach the constrained space in a clever way.

‘The hybridized chalice-like form of the project hence became a logical outcome of accommodating program,’ says . ‘We further diced our free standing formal installation to accommodate lighting, hanger space, accessory shelving and stairs, all as an extension of a single surface, minimizing our interventions to the centerpiece.’

The structure was made using CNC-cutting techniques to hollow the M.S., which was then assembled on-site with a skin of cast resin and acrylic.

Kemps Corner
Mumbai, India

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