Too much sun in the Black Sea? Here’s how to throw some shade

Mamaia, Romania – The four-star faces the crystal-clear waters of the Black Sea on Mamaia Beach, one of Romania’s top holiday locations. From April to October, the spot is full to the brim with sunshine… which can unfortunately be too much of a good thing: the hotel noticed a decrease in their bar terrace activity during the hottest hours of the day, as guests were trying to escape the heat.

That’s where Italian manufacturer Corradi, specialized in shading structures, came in: their , an aluminium product capable of covering large spaces – with a projection of up to nine metres – was fit for the task.

The brief was challenging: Iaki’s owner wanted to renew the outdoor area, and with this increase the number of tables and seats in their restaurant terrace. The hotel also asked for a retractable solution, in order to provide a proper view of the summer sky during the night. And, in terms of aesthetics, the management preferred an ivory shade, so as to keep with the brand colours.

Via , Corradi was able to meet each request with two units of their B-Space: together, they covered a rather large total area – 9 x 10 metres on one side and 9 x 13 metres on the other – with no central pillars that could obstruct the view or the service. With their clean design, their structural strength and their durability for outdoor use, the products efficiently and beautifully connected human architecture to the landscape in harmony.

Call this a success story: the hotel reported a significant increase in turnover for their à la carte restaurant and bar terrace

As for the guest response? Call this a success story: Iaki has reported a significant increase in turnover for their à la carte restaurant and bar terrace, and they’ve also received more requests for private events and groups in the space. In other words: investing in the Pergotenda® B-Space was a very good business decision.


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