Cicada Installation

The arched structure resembles a sinous, bulging tunnel.

In the midst of the modern urban fabric of Taipei, Finnish architect has created what he calls ‘a cocoon for post-industrial metamorphosis’ – a space where he hopes city-dwellers can reconnect with nature.

A flowing, organic structure woven in natural bamboo, with the addition of recycled broken glass and broken concrete as flooring, Cicada, says its creator, ‘is an interior space but totally outside –breathing, vibrating, soft and safe.’ Climbing plants have been encouraged to grow inside as well as outside the walls, further strengthening the links with the natural world.

The only straight lines in the 270-m2 interior are those of the low steel stools that invite visitors to sit around the circular steel fireplace. A single oculus acts as a chimney, and also expands the view of the sky glimpsed through the bamboo walls.

Photos courtesy of AdDa

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