Campaign implements opulence and theatre for Youngor’s flagship

WUXI – Shoreditch-based Campaign has designed a flagship embodying contemporary luxury for 2,600-sq-m menswear department store Youngor. The firm specializes in retail design; its portfolio ranges from luxury flagship projects with global rollouts to pop-up stores.

With 3,000 existing stores in China, Youngor seeks to challenge Burberry as one of the largest fashion houses with its Wuxi flagship. Opulent visual language is carried over five floors of an existing building to create a harmonious balance between the brand’s modernity and heritage.

Upon entering the space, customers are met with a three-storey grand atrium complete with an ostentatious display of symmetrical brass archways. Adding to the exclusivity and theatrics of the retail experience, a monolithic staircase leads customers to the different faces of Youngor. The brand offers a large variety of products and services, from leisure, business and wedding attire to tailoring services, smart wear and home wear. A rooftop bar equipped with interactive displays hosts VIP events.

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