Bureau A distorts the dance floor within a mysterious inflatable nightclub

GENEVA – Bureau A, a design studio based in Switzerland, designed an inflatable nightclub to host the annual party of the Federation of Swiss Architects. With offices in both Geneva and Lisbon, Bureau A is established in both architecture and research with projects ranging from a marble urinal to a mobile mini-skyscraper.

This venue’s lightweight, PVC structure means that the inflatable can be easily deflated and moved to a new location. Adding to the mystery, the interior and exterior of structure is coated in black. ‘For one night, the black hole of a neat and well-organised society is revealed as a potential for distortion, a potential of let-go and provoke, with a slight smile, the unsaid and the sweat,’ comments Bureau A.

Although its unusual, elongated form may appear small, the installation’s interior is large enough to be filled with furniture, a bar and even a dance floor. The shape of the unit is inspired by underground shelters. It is reminiscent of architects Gaston Bachelard and Paul Virilio’s theoretical work and research into the domesticity of post-war America.

Photos Dylan Perrenoud

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