At the Buchmesse, The Arts+ celebrates and challenges creative content distribution

Frankfurt – With a focus on the business of creative content distribution and the digitization of culture and society, festival will take place on 11 to 15 October, parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Over the five days, Frankfurt Book Fair visitors can experience innovative exhibitions by international content distributors in the fields of art, design, culture, and creativity. Admission to The Arts+ is included in the Buchmesse ticket, allowing book lovers to mingle with publishers, technology companies, and digital thought leaders.

This year, the guest of honour is RobotLab, founded in 2000 by Matthias Gommel, Martina Haitz, and Jan Zappe. The team will be presenting the project Manifest, in which a robot will utilize algorithms to generate theses on robotic art and ethics, philosophy, and the future of human-machine society, ‘handwriting’ them in three different languages. Up to 80 different texts will be produced per day, which visitors can take home with them. 

St-W will also be in attendance at The Arts+ in collaboration with photographer Thomas Brown. The St-W x Thomas Brown space in Hall 4.1 includes Brown’s interactive Volume of Light installation, a wide selection of design books by St-W Publishers, and a café for Frankfurt Book Fair visitors to refresh themselves with a delicious coffee or tea.

The VoL project invites participants to adopt and title an image by registering . Engaging with Brown’s explorations of the notions of authorship and perception, participants will receive a VoL book, a poster, and an exclusive print of their adopted image.

Featured in St-W 116, Thomas Brown's VoL invites participants to adopt an image and give it a title. The images are presented in a way that removes the authorship of the photographer, leaving only a camera-assigned code for identification.

And on 13 October, guests can join St-W and Thomas Brown in an interactive photography session to create and photograph their own paper sculptures, and bequeath the images with titles.

‘With The Arts+, we want to promote the smart, sustainable use of creative content,’ says Holger Volland, co-founder and vice president of business development. ‘We want to bring together people whose innovative spirit and expertise lead to new economically viable and fitting business models for the cultural and creative sector.’


The Arts+ festival runs as part of the from 11 to 15 October 2017.

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