Bicycles Seeking Owners

An entire Madrid street was converted into an installation at night.

Bicyclers in Madrid might agree that the Spanish capital isn’t synonymous with being cycle-friendly.  

Frustrated with its disregard of cyclists and public space – plus the abuse of street bollards – anonymous artists’ collective has again symbolically intervened. Their mission this time: promote bike use in Pedro Almodovar’s favourite town.

With help fromwho provided the bike beats, the artists equipped the aforementioned bollards in a quiet street with seats and lights. Like once before – when they had turned them into improvised street lamps – the result is quite striking. Not only do the red and white glows provide an enchanted atmosphere in the dark alley, but each pole is transformed into a seating station that activates the public ground for citizen use.

While the installation hasn’t had immediate effect to help bikers, for a few hours it turned an otherwise dull spot into a space for interaction with urbanity.

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