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Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit in a comfortable chair and be entertained this fine spring morning by these Architecture, Art and Design stories from this week. The usefulness of magazine apps are debated, a Pulitzer went to an Architecture critic, Caterpillar machines play a giant game of Jenga, a man documented his journey walking through Tokyo backwards, graffiti artists are rigging drones to take tagging to new heights and Finland has given the stamp a makeover that will make you want to pick up writing to international pen pals again.

By Liv Siddall, It’s Nice That

Tom of Finland will make a presence in Russia this September thanks to his new place on Finland’s postal stamps. The 20th century Finnish artist is world renowned for his controversial homoerotic fetish art which featured illustrations of men in skin-tight or revealing clothes.

By Chris Bowlby, BBC

Sitting for 8 hour work days and the health problems caused by it, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease and an array of back problems has become a mainstream discussion. If standing could alleviate a majority of these issues, would companies implement the change? Employers must evaluate the posture adjustment’s viability both financially and spatially. Boosts in creativity and energy may be an employer’s driving incentive, leading to a possible mindset shift in Architecture schools and practices.

By Henry Nicholls, the guardian

Urbanisation affects biodiversity, but how big is the problem? Baboons successfully live amongst humans in South African cities but in the majority of places, bird populations and types of plants have been drastically reduced even in tropical locations. Can a human’s quality of life be greatly improved if cities integrated more plants and animals?

By Karissa Rosenfield, Archdaily

Inga Saffron, the architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, has merged her expertise and journalism with an added touch of personal passion for cities. Her home city has benefitted positively in both arenas of policy and development throughout the course of her column.

By Brian Koerber, Mashable

Oversized blocks only moved by big yellow Cats have taken the classic household game to the next level. Each piece weighs in at 600 pounds (272 kg) for a total tower weight of a whopping 8.3 tons. See how the Cats fare in the arena of structural prowess.

By Robert Newman

The best things always come alongside the worst and anyone with a smartphone knows not all apps are created equal. After the “there’s an app for that” craze in 2012, consumers desire high quality apps that cost next to nothing to download. Read this debate on whether magazine apps have a future or not. In the meantime, you can check out filled with panoramic views of interiors and videos and answer this question for yourself. Tweet us what you like about it or suggestions!

By Kyle Vanhemert, Wired

Drones are now taking to the skies with the intention of raising the bar on tagging, literally reaching new heights. Katsu has modified a fire extinguisher to spray paint onto some unmarked graffiti real estate.

By Liv Siddall, It’s Nice That

A man took a stroll through Tokyo backwards and with some nifty video editing skills, made himself look like the only one walking correctly. Watch the video .

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