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Were you happily overwhelmed with the flood of design news pouring out of Milan this week but bummed about missing other newsworthy stories? Don't worry, we found them for you to help you play a quick game of catch up. The Stedelijk Museum named its new director, the Solar Impulse is preparing for its sun-powered flight around the world and the work-life balance is receiving an adjustment defined by a new law in favour of the employee and more.

by Javier Pes, Art Newspaper

Amsterdam's contemporary and modern art museum recently got an external makeover, and now it received an internal one,with the appointment of Beatrix Ruf.  Ms Ruf of the Kunsthalle Zurich brings with her a sharp eye for emerging or overlooked talent. She begins her new post in November and she will begin planning with her new team immediately.

by Victoria Gill and Jonathan Hallam, BBC

Watch this video report about the solar-powered plane which plans to fly around the world. The Swiss team which developed the technology explains the plane's size is determined to best resist drag as well as the cockpit's ability to support a pilot's five-day long trip flying solo.

by Carmen Fishwick, The Guardian

Thanks to the rising presence and use of smartphones, employees are nearly expected to remain accessible to employers at all hours of the day. The tides may be turning now that Apple has been fined in France for employees responding to work emails after 6pm. New labour laws are being implemented which forbids working between 9pm and 6am with only exceptions for what are deemed 'important lines of work'.

by Kriston Capps, Architect

By writing an article addressing Russia's political decisions in regards to the Ukraine on popular Russian news site, architecture critic Grigory Revzin found himself in hot water. Despite his previous success with the award-winning QR code-covered pavilion in 2012, he has been fired with only 2 months before the upcoming biennale.

by Nathan Ingraham, The Verge

Have an extra 1500 USD to drop right now? Why not spend it this upcoming tax day (April 15) on those eagerly awaited high-tech glasses! Available for one day only to US residents, a Google Glass purchase will additionally include either a set of frames to hold prescription lenses or shades for free.

by Zach Sokol, The Creators Project

Sometimes the timing of photos even from space can capture nature's magic. 

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