Audemars Piguet 2014 by Mathieu Lehanneur

Demonstrations of the watchmaker’s craft and polishing process are performed live at the lounge.

Luxury brand presented its new lounge created by at this weekend’s 45th edition of contemporary art fair Art Basel. Lehanneur took his inspiration for the lounge from the brand’s place of origin, Vallée de Joux in Switzerland, which has played a key part in both Audemars Piguet's history and its legacy of craftsmanship. He created his own version of the Swiss landscape by using the latest technology in fibre moulding to cast replicas of the rocks he discovered in the pristine forest region. In this way the French designer merges the worlds of science, nature and technology to bring a corner of the rugged landscape of the watchmaker’s origin to Art Basel.

You can read more about Mathieu Lehanneur in St-W 99 (out July 1) where the charismatic designer explains why electronic devices need a human touch.

Process video by

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