Apartment HSV

The linear space is comprised of a complex system of hidden built-in cabinets.

Upon first glance, it’s difficult to define the function of a 130-sq-m space in Ljubljana, Slovenia: it could be a house, office or even a stage set for a film.

In reality it’s a private apartment, recently redesigned by studio. Located on the second storey of the 1930s Dukic building, the modern interior is a far departure from the retro exterior. Glossy surfaces, lights and pops of colour converge to create an ambiance of contrasts.

Floors reflect the ceiling’s lighting network that’s surrounded by vertical Plexiglas panels; the result creates intriguing shadows when light floods into the apartment. Bare and void of many furnishings, the apartment´s functions are hidden behind linings made of mirrors and steel sheets.

A repeated theme throughout the interior is evidently the juxtaposition of opposing elements: open and closed rooms, rough and soft materials, warm and cold lights, plus physical and virtual atmosphere.

Photos courtesy David Lotric and Miran Kambič.

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