Announcing… the St-W Awards

‘“Not another award” is a response I’ve heard repeatedly in recent months,’ says St-W founder and director Robert Thiemann wryly. ‘But the St-W Awards is the answer we felt needed to be given to traditional awards shows, which only recognize big-budget work with big-name clients.’

From 4 September, St-W invites designers, makers, and clients from all over the world to submit their best interiors and spatial work. The deadline is 1 November, after which submissions will close and an international jury will decide the nominees of each category.

Each category will have a separate jury with at least one designer, one manufacturer, and one client, led by a chairman. This means that, unlike most awards shows, the work will be judged not just by other designers but by all industry stakeholders: retail brands, hospitality providers, cultural institutions, and educators. People who commission the work – and those who are served by the work.

Following the jury’s announcement of the nominees on 2 January 2018, the public will get the chance to vote for their favourite in each category. Votes will be cast on the , extending the scope of the Awards around the world.

‘It’s no secret that we believe meaningful, well-made spaces make people happier and, ultimately, healthier,’ says Thiemann. ‘That’s why St-W magazine has published the crème de la crème of international interior design for 20 years.’ But it’s time now for the next step: giving you, the people, a voice in recognizing and rewarding the spaces that serve you best.

‘The Awards run the full gamut of interior design,’ says Thiemann. ‘This means honouring not only spatial designs but also the way in which designers apply materials, light and technology to their projects. And our Awards include socially significant interiors, as well as people with a special talent or with relevant value for the interior industry.’

4 September 2017
Submissions Open

1 November 2017
Submissions Close

2 January 2018
Nominees Announced: Public Voting Begins
Nominees are selected by the jury. The nominee with the most votes in each category will win the popular vote.

21 February 2018
Live Judging

Nominees will present their work to the jury using imagery, video, boards and/or materials. The jury will select one winner per category.

22 February 2018
St-W Awards Show

Announcement of the winners and prize-giving ceremony.


Submissions from clients and collaborators are welcome. (Download our official Awards submission checklist for help with your entry.) Only projects completed in 2016 or 2017 are eligible. All nominees will have the opportunity to present their work in person to the jury in Amsterdam.

'Regardless of the size of the budget, the size of the studio, the clout of the brand or company in question,' promises Thiemann:

You have my personal guarantee that what matters most is quality.

Join our for all the latest announcements and exclusive updates on the St-W Awards.

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